Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inadvertently going one step too far*...

These are my new glasses:

Sleep much? Not me. I'm going to pack for a vacation in those bags.

I chose theses frames after they had dilated my pupils so I was all squinty and my vision was blurry. They were the only frames I could actually see on my face, so imagine my surprise when, after I picked them up, I was watching Doctor Who and I saw this:

David Tennant as Doctor Who

I have a girly version of Doctor Who's glasses (Image boosted from here).

(I understand there's a new Doctor now. I've not seen any of those episodes yet. So I may be behind the Doctor Who times, but by golly, I'm fine with that because I adore David Tennant as the Doctor.)

*Torchwood, current obsession numero uno, is a spin-off of Doctor Who.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The obsession continues

The Torchwood obsession is still alive and kicking.

And I've added another: Doctor Who.

Holy shit, people.

I need to be stopped.

Monday, April 12, 2010

100 Word Challenge: Portrait

Here's my response to the 100 Word Challenge this week. The prompt is portrait.

Endings and Beginnings
Today was the day his exile and misery would end. For months he had been stumbling through life. Every day he pushed himself to the brink of exhaustion, then pushed himself further so his sleep would be dreamless. But more and more frequently he dreamed anyway. He dreamt about his life before, about what he had lost because of mistakes and stupid pride. His lover's face was prevalent in those dreams. With its portrait-like clarity it would beckon to him with promises of forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, strength, and love. God, he missed that face. It was time to go home.