Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vacation Crash and Burn

Vacation plans for April have been canceled for me. S is probably still going to go as the first leg of the trip was a jaunt to visit his website designer. The second bit of the trip was to visit friends who live along the route home.

While it is my job that is keeping me home, I'm not nearly as disappointed as I thought I'd be at canceling my vacation. I had requested, and was granted, two weekends in a row off from my part-time job. Maybe I'll finally have some time to get work done around my house.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am...

...listening to this station at work. Sure makes the day go faster than the classical station did.

...bummed that my vacation plans will have to be canceled if I can't find alternate dates.

...watching surprisingly little TV. Even my beloved PBS has taken a backseat to life.

...reading surprisingly little. I finished a book last night but it was apparently utterly forgettable as I can't remember the title of it to save my life.

...surprisingly busy. Doing what, I have no idea. I do know that very little is getting done around my house. I've got a yard of leaves to clean up from last fall that must be attended to soon. I'm hoping Saturday.

...glad I went here recently. Saw this, too.

...not commenting on blogs lately. But I'm reading 'em like crazy. My comment mojo has left the building. Sorry folks.

...loving the spring sunshine.

...taking suggestions for inexpensive sunglasses suitable for softball. I don't want to spend $180 on Oakleys. There has got to be an alternative out there.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


In an effort to determine if I should be celebrating St Patty's day in the American way by hitting pubs and drinking as much green beer as I can, or if I should be celebrating it in the Irish way and taking myself to church, I called my mom for some help with family names. This is what I came up with when I did my 2½ minute surname origin search:

  • my last name is English (which I knew)
  • Mom's maiden name is Irish or Scottish (which I knew but I don't know which country her people are from)
  • My paternal grandmother's maiden name is English
  • My maternal grandmother's maiden name is English
  • my mom's grandmother's maiden name is English (on her mother's side)
  • my mom's grandmother's maiden name is German or Irish (on her father's side -- again, I don't know which country her people are from)
That, my friends, is a lot of English.

I think I'm going to celebrate in the American, non-Irish way! Except I refuse to drink green beer. Maybe I'll just pick up a bottle of Jameson's and drink it with pals. And S.

Dad doesn't know his grandmother's maiden name but he thinks his sister is working on their family tree. Maybe I'll know soon and maybe his side of my family tree is LOADED with Irish folk.


On another note: skiing was great, I didn't break any bones and I can't wait to go out West and ski the big mountains. Boyne Highlands has an vertical drop of 552 feet. So it's not really a mountain, but it's plenty intimidating for beginners.


GUINNESS CUPCAKES - my new favorite. Recipe here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday evening

I'm sitting in a slope-side room here, drinking a delicious Bloody Mary (Bloody Mary mix was home-canned by me last fall, the dill pickles were canned by a dear friend), listening to S chatter on with our dear friends I & R - they're two floors down in the pool. S is a loud talker and I've got the slider to the balcony open just a smidge.

The sun is shining, I've spent the weekend learning*, and I've not once thought about work.

This weekend? PERFECT.

*Learning how to SKI! I've fallen a couple of times but have realized that it's all a part of skiing.

Monday, March 1, 2010

100 Word Challenge: Hidden

In response to Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge, here is my response to the word HIDDEN:

Will it ever get here?

Come late April or early May, Michigan will be alive with flowers; crocuses and tulips and daffodils, iris and day lilies and hyacinths, too. My lavender wil finally bloom so I can bring its fragrant blossoms inside for various purposes: tea, lavender scones, sachets, and drying the blossomed stems for arrangements.

Come late April or early May, the grass will turn the most beautiful shade of green. The trees will bud then, bam, the next day they'll be full of leaves.

But right now? Now we're buried under a blanket of blinding white snow. All of Spring's beginnings are hidden.