Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday evening

I'm sitting in a slope-side room here, drinking a delicious Bloody Mary (Bloody Mary mix was home-canned by me last fall, the dill pickles were canned by a dear friend), listening to S chatter on with our dear friends I & R - they're two floors down in the pool. S is a loud talker and I've got the slider to the balcony open just a smidge.

The sun is shining, I've spent the weekend learning*, and I've not once thought about work.

This weekend? PERFECT.

*Learning how to SKI! I've fallen a couple of times but have realized that it's all a part of skiing.


Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! Everyone deserves a perfect weekend once in a while. Enjoy!

The Bloody Mary sounds delicious; makes all that home-canning work worthwhile.

LeahBear said...

Oooh it sounds wonderful!

Ree said...

Wait...They have snow? It's supposed to be in the 60s this week here.

eurolush said...

Are you telling me there are MOUNTAINS in Michigan? For real?

Jay said...

Oh, lucky you! It sounds as if you're having a wonderful time!