Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Class sessions with Dr. Evil Professor have ended. My presentation kicked ass and my research paper has been submitted.

Now I just have to do the final. 6 out of 12 multi-part questions due by 5 on Thursday. But he's letting us email them in so I didn't have to go all mental trying to get back over to campus to turn the damn thing in.

My plan is to get up early in the morning and crank the bad boy out so I can spend the rest of a beautiful day in my yard. I've got limbs to pick up, leaves to rake and bag, weeds to pull already, and lavender plants to fuss over. Plus, there's always more dog poo that needs scooping up.

The daffodils will be making an appearance tomorrow, I think. Remember that old Mervyn's commercial where the woman was at the door, faced mooshed up against the glass, and she was tapping on the door with both hands saying, "Open, open, open"? That's me with those daffodils. So far I'm seeing bright yellow petals. But there are some late bloomers that just now broke soil. Did I buy a variety pack? Oooh! I can't wait to find out! (And damn those cute little squirrels that DUG UP and CARRIED OFF some of my daffodil bulbs! I know it was winter and your fuzzy selves were hungry but eating my spring bulbs was just meeean, ya'll.)

I think I might go watch some Father Ted episodes. I'm not Catholic, nor Irish (at least to my knowledge) but this show cracks me up.


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