Monday, April 28, 2008

Phallic Water Tower. What were they thinking?!

Living here in Ypsilanti, MI, fills one with an overpowering sense of awe and wonder because we few, we lucky Ypsilantians, live in the city that is home to the most ridiculous water tower ever erected (pardon the pun). The joy we are burdened with is unparalleled. I defy you, dear reader, to supply proof of a more phallic-like structure in YOUR home town.

I have pictures, people! Prepare to be amazed. And dumbfounded.

This first picture is the view I get heading west from my home towards Depot Town. Do you see it there? Dominating the western horizon?

Yes, people, we have our very own State of Michigan Registered Historic Site! Check it out:

Now that you have the history of our fine tower, here's a close-up view the beauty I get to see every day:

Yes, that is the Greek flag flying next to, but slightly lower than, Old Glory. Ypsilanti was named after General Demetrius Ypsilanti, a hero in the Greek war for independence. I don't know how Ypsi (typical American city... we residents hack the name in half and just call it Ypsi) got named after this famous Greek. (Lesson in pronunciation: Outsiders often call it Yipsilanti, but that's wrong, people. It is pronounced Ipsilanti. There will be a quiz later.)

We love our water tower so much that every Christmas season, we top it with a shiny, glittery star.

OOOH! Two other fascinating tidbits about my town : Our WWII Bomber factory was home to the original Rosie The Riveter. Also, the originator (though this is disputed) of the term the real McCoy, Elijah McCoy, developed his automatic lubricator (for oiling steam engines of locomotives) here.

Head over to see Miss She La and check out her creativity. I've heard she's doing very well from the sale of these postcards and only wish I had thought of it first. (Yes, I do own one of these cards. I wasn't sure about copyright issues so I didn't scan it to post here. Just follow the link, people!)

Man, I LOVE this town.

(Post edited on June 11, 2008 because after re-reading it, I realized the first version fell WAY short of funny tone I was striving for. So here it is, in it's gloriously edited form.)


HEATHER said...

I don't know whether to laugh or be horrified!
BTW-you said your mom was from eastern KY, where please?
I live in London, KY!

Tuli said...

Heather: A little laughter, a little's how us locals survive.

Mom is from Pikeville. :)

blackbird said...

I'm afraid I'll never think of your town without seeing that last picture in my head.