Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend update

Normal spring-like activities happening here, people.

Friday evening, dinner at the folks' for Mom's 70th birthday. Lovely time was had by all. She loved her MP3 player and really liked that it has an external speaker. She says the music on it is so pretty that she finds herself paying close attention to it instead of going to sleep! Oops. Defeats the purpose of getting her an MP3 player.

After dinner, DB and I took the dogs to the cottage, had some strong whiskey drinks, and watched Juno. The moon was mostly full and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The reflection off the lake was fantastic. We slept on the sleeping porch on a perfect evening for sleeping: cool and slightly breezy. The crickets (isn't it too early for crickets? maybe it was frogs) were out and lulled us right to sleep.

Yesterday morning, we awoke to an overcast sky so no beautiful sunrise to watch from the warmth of flannel sheets and a down comforter. We left the cottage and got back to town about 10. I ended up hanging with my best friend K the rest of the day. We ate lunch and shopped. I didn't buy much, but what a fun time we had!

This morning, DB went to help install the mast on the boat he crews on. I got picked up by my parents and we went to Home Depot and then to lunch.

The weather has been gorgeous this weekend! The large maple tree in my side yard is starting to get leaves and my iris patch is hatching.

Here's a shot of my daffodils taken this morning (a nice surprise for me - I bought the variety pack last fall! there are a few cream daffodils):

And a close up:

Happy day, people! Happy day.

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blackbird said...

Sometimes, instead of saying "yes" I say "ypsilanti, michigan."
I'm goofy like that.

Thank you for the daffodils.