Friday, June 20, 2008

How does my garden grow?

Last Friday, Jane wrote about Mary, Mary and how her garden grows.

That post got me thinking about all the flowers I have in my yard this year. I thought today, being the first day of summer and all, would be a great time to show 'em.

First up, gifts from DB's mom. I love these little urns. I have one on either side of my front step and they look fantastic.

She gave me four tomato plants. If you look closely, you can see the wee tiniest tomato ever:

(See it there? Tucked in under that wilted bud.)

I planted clematis vines along my fence row this year because the chains are starting to rust (not on this particular section, funnily enough) and I don't want to replace fencing. Nor do I want to paint it.

I have the city's smallest lavender bushes. But I love them and have to FIGHT THE URGE to pull the leaves off, mash them up, and rub them all over my body stuff them in my pillow case. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any lavender bushes left at all.

Last summer I planted a butterfly garden. Didn't get much last year. But this year, I'm getting some of these:

Not sure why this one looks so blue. Didn't set anything on my camera differently than in the picture above:

And finally, the robin's asparagus fern is much improved. Heather suggested moth balls to keep other birds away but I went the wind-chimes route instead. It's working so far.


Just Plain Jane said...

Thank you, dear heart, for the mention. I feel famous!
Loved seeing your garden. Your lavender will get bigger as the years go by. I used to harvest mine, tie it into little bundles and sell them in our bookshop. It was a pleasant task and much better than the year that I stripped the flowers from the stem and sold them bulk, by the scoopful. That year I almost became sick of the scent, but I got bravely over it.

HEATHER said...

Lavender is my weakness!
I will buy anything lavender scented. Sadly I regularly kill the plants.