Friday, July 18, 2008

Recap: July 12-18, 2008


Saturday, July 12: S, S's mom, and I got up at the crack of dawn to leave for Port Huron. But first, we had to pick up our 3rd CSA crop. (No picture this time.) After CSA at 6 a.m., we tootled on over to Port Huron to drop S off for The Race. Had breakfast at the Cavis Grill. S's boat left the dock about 10 for a 12:?? start time. His mom and I followed them up the coast until they crossed under the Blue Water Bridge. We then headed back to Ypsi and stopped at a couple places to shop. I got home and made myself a tote bag in the boat's colors.

Sunday, July 13: Had coffee with Mom and Dad. Took S's dog to his house and switched cars. Yes, people, I am a bit touched -- I drove a 1985 Volkswagen GTI the 279 miles from Ann Arbor to Mackinaw City. Was on the 5:15 ferry to Mackinac Island. Putzed around the island for awhile and eventually settled into the hotel room for a good night's sleep. Never DREAMED this would be one of the fastest Port Huron to Mackinac races ever. S's boat got in around 10 on SUNDAY NIGHT. Usually it's a good year if they finish on Monday night. Took about 36 hours this year. So at 11 p.m., got the call, "we're in and we need to find a room." (I stay in the boat owner's unused hotel room on Sunday night.) Had to get dressed, schlep our bags to the dock, get S, schlep our bags to the new hotel, then meet everyone at the Pink Pony for a drink because, yee haw, we're on the Island on Sunday night. Got to bed around 2:30.

Monday, July 14: Got up, had breakfast with the crew, dried sails (which was kinda fun), switched hotels (again), walked around for a couple of hours, had dinner with the crew, listened to a band called Mega 80s (OMG people, they rocked), danced my ass off, and didn't get in until after 2, again.

Tuesday, July 15: took our time getting out-n-about, checked out of our B&B about 11 and dropped our bags in the boat owner's room. Went to the award ceremony/drink fest and chatted with folks I've not seen yet this year. After the party, helped shuffle boats around. Left the island on the 6:00 ferry. By the time we got the car, put brake fluid in it, and hit the road it was after 7. Didn't get home until midnight. Immediately called in to work and took Wednesday morning off as "vacation recovery time".

Wednesday, July 16: had turned my alarm off, but that didn't stop a co-worker from CALLING MY ASS AT 7:45 TO ASK ME A QUESTION THEY KNEW THE ANSWER TO. Needless to say, my recovery time was screwed up at that point and I didn't really fall back asleep. My folks brought my dog home and we had some coffee. Went into work about noon. Went home and CRASHED on the couch for a couple hours. Had trouble falling asleep that night. My own fault, I know.

Thursday, July 17: Worked a full day. Went to Art Fair for a couple of hours (made me realize how much I hate Art Fair), stayed at S's house in Ann Arbor. Watched The Straight Story as S had never seen it. In bed about 1.

Friday, July 18: There was talk about me trying to get to go to Lake Michigan for the weekend with S for a "restful" mini-break but due to lack of dog-sitters it didn't work out. I probably could've found replacement sitters had S bothered to find out a month ago (when his trip was planned) that it was not a guys-only weekend. But I'm really not as bitter as I sound. I'm looking forward to having the weekend to sleep in. I'm still fricking exhausted. And it's HOT here. And HUMID. And my house is a disaster because I've not been home a weekend yet this month. And I have PMS.

And if anyone calls me before 10 a.m. tomorrow, HEADS WILL ROLL.


Badger said...

Holy crap, I am exhausted just reading that! I hope you get a restful weekend (I'm hoping for one myself)!

HEATHER said...

Like Badger, I'm worn out just reading that!