Sunday, August 24, 2008

A bit of craft, a bit of Britain, and a bit of fun

A bit of craft.

But first a bit of a back-story. My parents are always willing to lend a hand. Recently S has needed the Volvo Wagon I usually drive. This left me vehicleless. So my folks lent me their seldom-used minivan. (Not a Badass Minivan like Badger's, though.) Which, once in my possession, promptly showed the engine light. So they lent me their little truck while they got the minivan fixed. I wanted to do something nice for them since they helped me out with a vehicle. They buy everything they need for themselves but my parents have a dog. A dog they spoil and love and cherish and dote upon. People, meet Angie:

I knew this would be the way I could do something nice for them and they wouldn't say "oh, you shouldn't have." Because what I ended up doing cost me time and little bit of electricity.

And some thread.

Friday evening, I sat down at my borrowed sewing machine with a few of these:

...scraps from the quilt-top I'm attempting to make. (GAH! Sucky camera!)

I made this:

...for my parent's dog. The folks recently bought her a booster seat for the car so she can see out the windows when traveling. The quilt is for her booster seat. I guessed on the size and did a fine darn job of it. It's just right.

Wasn't sure what to back it with so I used a bit of a Black Watch tartan flannel nightgown that was given to me ages ago:

Should be warm and cozy for her when she's riding in the air conditioned car. Or when they travel in winter.

All tied up and ready to go:

They loved it.

A bit of Britain.

I've had Cranford on reserve at the library for months. When I joined the queue, I was the 56th person in line for it. It was FINALLY my turn and I picked the film up on Saturday morning.

Watched three of the five hours between 11:30 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. last night. Finished it up just before I started this post.

I am a huge fan of British costume dramas. This one did not disappoint. I adore Judy Dench and she was fantastic in her role.

I watched the "making of" feature they had on the DVD and evidently there's enough substance left in the characters to make a sequel. Can you say WOO HOO!?! I can. And I did. Very loudly. Scared the dogs, actually.

A bit of fun.


Molly's Mom said...

Look at that quilt! You go, girl!

The one time I thought maybe I'd try to sew something easy (a skirt), my MIL ended up doing most of it for me. She had the patience of a saint, that one.

penny said...

Great idea! My brother and sister both have little dogs who are like their children. I may have to get my machine out of storage for Christmas.

I agree about Dame Judi. I haven't seen Cranford yet.

Just Plain Jane said...

The little doggie quilt is a fantastic idea. I'm sure it was appreciated. I wish I liked period films, but for some reason I shy away from them. But I agree that Judy Dench is the best!

HEATHER said...

Lovely quilt!
Great job!

eurolush said...


LOVED the doggy quilt! A great idea! You're a good daughter...

Wendy said...

Hey, you're holding out on us with your quilting skills. More please.