Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blogging By Mail

I received my 10 Favorite Things package today for the Blogging By Mail swap. I took a photo of all my goodies with the last bit of juice left in my camera batteries. Once they charge up, I'll post the picture. Until then, here's a list:

  1. Virginia Peanuts (YUM. I'm going to have to fight S for these. Seriously.)
  2. Raspberry Chipotle dip mix (I can't wait to try this. I bet it's fantastic.)
  3. Baba ganoush dip (LOVE the eggplant. Score!)
  4. Marshmallow Fluff (my sender said, "add peanut butter for a New England staple - the fluffernutter." Yes, yes I will.)
  5. Apple Soda (from Mexico and can't wait to try this!)
  6. Pepero (chocolate covered biscuit sticks. I bet this will be yummy with #10)
  7. Halvah bar (chocolate covered sesame candy bar. Again, I bet this will be yummy with #10)
  8. Bath confetti (coconut smoothie scent - oh yeah!)
  9. Jornal (my sender said "for ideas, inspiration, & general venting." I will use this for those purposes!)
  10. PINK HOT CHOCOLATE!!! (Ha! It's mine. Jealous much?)
Thanks so much for everything, Dear Package Sender! I can't wait to try everything and am ready to guard those peanuts from my precious S - who could eat the whole bag in one sitting!

*12:04 a.m. 10/26 - edited to add link to Package Sender - Hutch over at C'est La Vie!


penny said...

Yum! I'm jealous!

Morven said...

Wow - sounds l ike a great bunch of goodies. What is it about raspberry and chipotle as a flavour combo? I see that Anne in Sweden got some sauce. I am sooooo jealous.