Monday, November 17, 2008


Had a dental appointment this morning. I usually have a moment or two of stress over my dental appointments because I'm not a flosser. My back teeth are so close together I have a hard time getting floss between them. And I usually end up gagging myself which is not something I enjoy. So I don't generally floss. (I do have one of those Reach flosser thingymajigs which helps some, but I still end up having to bite the thing to get the floss between my back teeth.) Luckily the gaps between my front teeth are big enough for brush bristles.

That said, the hygienist said, "there's hardly any tarter." And what was there was way in the back where I have a hard time reaching with ANY toothbrush because -- hello! -- my jaw gets in the way. Every six months I go and have that bit of ick scraped off.

So, thank you to my Sonic Care toothbrush. Without you, dear vibrating toothbrush, I'd have to sit in that darned dentist's chair for way longer than the 20 minutes I do now.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Awesome! Congrats, hon!

Badger said...

Dude, I LOVE my Sonicare. Or SonicCare. Or however you spell that. I've had one for years and it has CHANGED MY LIFE.

BrioII said...

Take a look at Gripit Floss Holders - They may help get floss between tight teeth by sawing the floss back and forth. And, you don't have to put your fingers into your mouth. I've also found that the new Glide floss is super slippery and works between tight teeth when threaded in a Gripit. Again, the "sawing" action works best.

penny said...

I loathe the dentist! Although really not necessarily the dentist. We had an evil dental hygienist when I was growing up. She also happened to be married to the dentist so it wasn't like it was going away.

I use floss picks. That's the only way I can floss, although the Reach flosser isn't bad.

HEATHER said...

My teeth are the exact same way. I can barely get the floss between the back teeth.

blackbird said...

Oooh, an endorsement. I've always wanted one of those toothbrushes and always wondered if they were worth it.