Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My voice has been heard.

Oh, people.

I voted just about an hour ago and I've not stopped grinning since.  I could've voted a straight Democratic ticket. But I NEEDED to fill in the circle beside Obama's name. NEEDED to make it clear that my vote was for him. NEEDED it like the air I breathe. And I'm so very glad I took the time to do it the long way. (Holy cow, lots of folks to vote for this election!)

After my vote was cast, I called my mom. "Mom, your little Democrat just cast her vote!" I said. "Nooooo!" she said. (Just to be clear here: she loves that I get out there and vote. She just wishes that I took after her and my dad and voted Republican.)

Despite its flaws, the democratic process makes me very happy. And right now I'm buoyed up by hope that the change I feel we need will actually happen.


Molly's Mom said...

Ayyyymen, sista! :)

Did you have to wait in a long line?

My Name is Cat said...

I was born to Republican parents, as well. If I didn't look exactly like my mother, I'd blame a switch at the hospital.

penny said...

My dad and I always go vote together. Our polling place is only 1 block from home and from his office.

I cover the election results in our county for AP and for our newspaper. Our County Clerk's office is completely disorganized, but they finally got it together this year. All of the county's results were in and totaled less than 2 hours after the polls closed. No late night this year!