Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Christmas Story House

Last weekend was a weekend of amazing houses. One was fun and linked directly to happy memories of a favorite movie. The other was an amazing new experience.

First up, the A Christmas Story House, Cleveland, OH. S and I walked about 3 miles from our hotel downtown in order to see the house lit up at night. We walked our butts off in the freezing Cleveland night (yes, we're a bit touched) and it was so worth it!

We went back the next day to tour the place. They did an amazing job rehabbing the house. Did you know that when they filmed the movie, the house was a duplex? And that the living room - the room where the leg lamp sits - was, at the time, a bedroom?!? I will tell you this: I <3 this house and would move in in a heartbeat. They left the kitchen original to the house. All the kitchen scenes in the movie were filmed elsewhere.

The "Deranged Easterbunny" stairs:

The bathroom where Ralphie stole away to decode Little Orphan Annie's secret 'message':

It really is a grand old house.

Across the street at the museum, they have Randy's snowsuit, scarf, zeppelin, and a bunch of other stuff. I 'bout tinkled myself I was so thrilled.

And Flick's hat! I COVET this hat and want to learn to knit so I can make one for myself.

I bought myself a leg lamp. Behold:

Next post will be about the other house we visited last weekend. But right now I've got two finals to study for and a 6 page paper to write - all of which is due Monday. So that's all you get for now.


penny said...

I think that's the same refrigerator I had in the apartment I lived in 8 years ago (the apartment before that had one of those small square refrigerators, so it was an improvement). That old fridge worked really well, except you couldn't put more than a package of frozen food in the freezer.

I would love, love, love to have that bathtub!

donna said...

I can't believe I was in Cleveland and did not know this was there. I love love love A Christmas Story.

eurolush said...

Thanks for the house tour! I will be showing this to my husband, who is a huge fan of "A Christmas Story." The night time photos are great, too. I can't imagine walking 6 miles in the freezing cold to take them. You were determined, weren't you?

PS-The lamp!!!