Friday, January 16, 2009

Kudos to my Dad (and to S, too!)

My 71 year old father - who has bowled on the Thursday night Men's Senior league my entire life (until last winter when he opted to become the alternate/substitute team member) - bowled a 704 series last night. He had a 210, a 278 (!!), and a 216.

The 278? Was one pin shy of 100-over-average.

I hope that I can carry a 179 average when I'm 71. I guess that means that I need to join a league, doesn't it?

Speaking of bowling, S and I went the other night and S bowled a 200! His first ever!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Some score!!! The closest I get to bowling is on the Wii :)

Molly's Mom said...

Dang! Go dad, go!

I always thought it would be kinda fun to bowl on a league. I'd need to find a very, shall we say, forgiving league - since I can't bowl for crap! :)

penny said...

I wish I could bowl a 179!

I also wish we had a bowling alley close.