Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's going on

this car?

S and I drove it to Pittsburgh this past weekend to visit C & C. Let me tell you, she rides great. She ran like a champ and gave us no problems whatsoever.


Today was my first job fair. In the end, it turned out OK. But, oh people 'twas a rocky start. I had issues getting my resume ready. Not only did I have computer issues, I am a terrible writer and have a very hard time putting the proper spin on my duties. I only gave out one copy of my resume and I even told the guy "please know that I am more than my resume." I hope I didn't kill that potential relationship. Anyway. I have some web sites to look at and some research to do. But, yay -- the job search has begun!

I felt very comfortable in my new suit and green blouse. (I didn't get a picture as my camera is right crap.) When I tried my fancy duds on for S last night he looked quite surprised and said, "that looks really good." See, I'm not a clothes shopper. I don't have the best luck in finding clothes that fit properly or look good on me. But HA! I did this time! neener neener neener

That doesn't change the fact that I was a nervous wreck this morning - upset tummy and rapid heart rate and all that awful stuff that comes with nerves.

This is what I learned: Job fairs aren't anything to be nervous/terrified of! Especially when half the people there are wearing jeans or gym clothes (no lie - I didn't get close enough to her to find out if she was coming from her workout or going to it) and you know you look damn good in your fancy new duds with your crappy resume printed on really nice resume paper.

I made the correct impression. Gym clothes lady didn't.


In other news, we were told today at work that we would all have to take 4 hours off unpaid per month for the next six months to prevent a staff member layoff. I'll gladly take those four hours. The first 4 hours I take will be spent at the career services office!


penny said...

I hope you all had a great weekend. What a way to travel in style!

I hate resumes! Thankfully I haven't had to do one in 10 years. Since you've gotten the 1st job fair out of the way you know what to expect and have time to polish your resume for the next one!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Good Lord, I'm like Penny. I haven't written a resume in forever. About 12 years, actually. Glad you did good, though, and I can't believe people showed up in anything less than business attire! Amazing.