Friday, April 17, 2009

Twilight Saga

Over the past couple of months, I've been slogging my way through the Twilight series.

Having finally finished them and given myself a couple of days to think about the series, I can say this:

I didn't hate them. I mostly enjoyed them.

My favorite of the four was Breaking Dawn. This was because there was a big chunk of the book told from a different character's point of view. After three and a half books, I was mighty tired of being in Bella's head. (I would've enjoyed the series more had we had different perspectives - that's just my preference.)

There may be a 5th book in the series - Midnight Sun. It's Twilight all over again but from Edward's perspective. I've read the first chapter Stephenie Meyer (And? What is the deal with all the e's in her name. Why no a in her first name?) has posted and am looking forward to reading it - if it ever gets written and published (damn those fools that posted it online!).

So. Aside from wanting to choke the hell outta Bella at times, overall I enjoyed the series.

And if that's wrong, well...I'm o.k. with that.


penny said...

I haven't started Twilight yet. I was going to and then I received John Grisham's "The Associate" and Stephen King's "Just After Sunset" for my birthday and those sounded more appealing. Maybe after I'm done with JAS, but maybe not.

Anytime a book makes you feel something, even frustration, it's a good thing (in my opinion).

The Coffee Lady said...

I bought the first one in a 'what are you doing?' kind of a way, though I've read a couple of things that are making me think again.

I need to read it though, don't I?!