Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wide widths

I wrote Keen this letter today:

Hello Keen!

You've got some mighty cute shoes, Keen.

Mighty cute.

But you don't make them in wide widths.

Which means I can never buy a pair of your shoes!

And this makes me sad, Keen.

Very sad.

Because you've got cute shoes!

Keen, I'm begging you...

Make some of your cute shoes in wide widths!

Hopefully a future loyal Keen wearer

Specifically, I lurve these:
Sienna Stretch Ballerina in sweet pea or flamingo (how fun!)
Madrid MJ in topaz
Coronado Sandal in amaranth or misted yellow
San Mateo in carob
Ventura Canvas

Anybody got an "in" with a Keen decision maker? If so...send 'em my note!


Tuli said...

This was the reply I received:

"Thank you for your email. We will pass your suggestion on to our Product Development team."


penny said...

My favorite of your picks is the San Mateo in both Carob and Rich Tea. I also like the Venturas, although the denim color might clash with a lot of different colors of jeans. They would probably look good with khakis.

My favorites:
I like the colors.

These are kind of retro looking

I love these. Even better if they came in a dark burgundy leather

I would love these for hiking - protective and they would help keep your feet cool.

I wish I had an in with a Keen person! I'd have samples and help you get some wide widths. They make men's shoes so you'd think they'd have no problem making women's shoes, at least some of them, in wide widths. (And why do the men's Venturas come in different colors?)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I have that same problem, just with narrow widths. I guess, according to shoe manufacturers, we're not allowed to have anything other than medium-width feet.