Thursday, July 9, 2009

Basset Boy

His name is Bart.
He's 4.
He's affectionate, likes to lay on the couch, sleep in the bed, and ride in the car.
He'll be staying with me from the end of July until some time in October.

The meet-n-greet went well. Russ was a bit excited, barking a very high-pitched (and quite annoying) bark. I don't know what this bark means exactly but it didn't seem to phase Bart at all.

We're going to have a few more meet-n-greets before E leaves for Boot Camp so the transition to my house will be easier on Basset Boy Bart. (By the way, we think he's named Bart after Bart Starr -- I'll try to confirm this.)

This is going to be so much fun.


Red Hamster said...

Your new Baby - Basset Boy Bart. Love the sound of all those B's. BTW, since I'm new to your blog, is there a post with a picture of Russ? What breed, or mix, is he? All the "high-pitched" barking makes me think Russ is smaller than Bart.

HEATHER said...

He is so cute!!

penny said...

Bart is such a cute name for him, especially with all that alliteration going on there!

I love watching dogs play! My sister has a chihuahua (and a black lab that stays at home) and my brother has a shih-tzu. The chihuahua thinks he is about 100 times bigger than he is and has to prove it to everyone. When those two get together it's a constant ball of fur and teeth rolling all over the floor. My sister wants to get a mastiff next - I can't wait to see what will happen then!

Ree said...

Oh, he's so adorable...and you're going to have such fun.