Saturday, September 5, 2009

60-second blog post

I'm sitting in a McDonald's in Kalkaska, MI (look it up - no time to link).

S is on day 3 of the DALMAC bicycle tour. Today is a 90 mile day for him.

I get to come to McDonald's and pay $3 for a decent internet connection.

And hit ever yard sale I can find.

Yesterday was the Amish Quilt Auction & Flea Market. I bought only three things. Not including lunch.

Marth MacGuyver (Again, no time to link -- sorry Wendy!) would be proud of my thrifting skillz. No wasted efforts on my part. I'm honing my "holy cats, that is JUNK" eye and avoided the stalls that only had crappe from someone's basement.

That is all. I must go kill, yet again, the stuffed raccoon that is sitting on top of the ice machine. The thing has been staring at me for an hour and I AM THOROUGHLY CREEPED OUT.


Wendy said...

Will you be posting your finds?! (Little secret: Sometimes I like crap from people's basements. It has to be good crap though - I'm discerning like that...)

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

You must post pictures!