Saturday, September 26, 2009

Live birthday blogging from Mom & Dad's

S and I brought the old camper out to my Mom & Dad's last evening for a night of camping and S'mores. (And wine - of which I was the only one who partook). Mom sat out with us until almost 11. Dad came out and stayed until 11:30 or so. We had a great time.

So here I sit at my parent's house, on my 37th birthday, after a morning of church rummage sales, yard sales, and a fantastic brunch. My mom is sitting across the table from me, muttering to herself about her crazy computer not liking it when she puts a black ten on a black jack. Every once in a while, she tosses in a well isn't that a bummer and proceeds to tell me what she has that should play but can't because, basically, the computer won't let her cheat.

My dad is firmly ensconced in his Laz-Z-Boy knock-off, watching the TV. He's muttering about how U of M coaching hasn't been the same since Bo retired and how the whole football program is going to hell in a hand-basket. Especially since they're currently losing to Indiana (Go Hoosiers! I tend to root for whoever is playing Michigan. U of M fans drive me frakin' nuts.) He's also talking to his dog. Maybe he's telling the dog about U of M football. Either way, he's covered from toes to chin in his maroon fuzzy blanket. I wish I had a camera.

About an hour ago, mom beat me three games in a row in Rummikub. I'm going to demand my re-match now.

I'm having a great birthday.


Badger said...

Happy birthday to you!! And as an Ohio State fan, I too root AGAINST Michigan at all times. Don't tell your dad.

Ree said...

Happy one, neighbor! And I was there again...sigh...secretly cheering for Indiana when those stupid Wolverines managed to win at the end. AGAIN.

And, of course, my ex-husband the Spartans lost again too.

LeahBear said...

Happy birthday!! It sounds so cozy. :)

Anonymous said...

Tuli, Happy Birthday, belatedly! Sorry, I'm traveling and been too busy to be on the computer. I had no idea I was missing something so important. Such a sweet family birthday scene; a day to treasure.