Thursday, January 14, 2010

Notes to Self:

  1. It is JANUARY 14. Take down the damn Christmas tree already.
  2. This is your 200th post. Are you going to do anything about that, or let it pass by like all your other bloggy benchmarks?
  3. Finish the fookin' scarves already!
  4. Oh my gah, DON'T let B cut your hair so short on top next time.
  5. Plan FUN THINGS to do with your 71 year old mother this weekend. (Anyone have any good movie suggestions? Preferably on DVD...)
  6. Finish Aunt J and B's birthday gifts.
  7. Buy S's birthday gift.
  8. Thomas', too.
  9. And M's and T's.
  10. (Cripes, January is worse than September for Birthdays.)
  11. Create the dog-sitting certificate for J's fundraiser.
  12. Start searching for recipes for this year's No-Eating-Out month.
  14. Find a new job. You're miserable in the one you've got now.
  15. Download books to listen to while knitting.
  16. Finish Buffy, Season 2 on Hulu.
  17. Re-watch the Firefly series.
  18. Stop eating the cookies!
  19. And the candy.
  20. Don't forget to take your vitamins.


LceeL said...

#14 should be much higher on the list - finding a job you love makes all other stuff much easier to handle. and you're less cranky. not that I've ever been aware of your cranky side, but I'm sure there's one in there somewhere. BUT. If you're this nice and you're working a job you hate, just think how wonderful you're going to be when you're doing a job you actually like!

Red Hamster said...

Well, Lceel just beat me to saying it all. Remember my dead possum job post last week? Seriously, that job nearly killed me; I should have left it sooner.

So take your vitamins, get ready for your vacation...come back refreshed, then get a new job! We're wishing you luck.

LeahBear said...

Jeez, your list is as bad as mine. Good luck with it all!

ree said...

October-November is our birthday month. ;-)

Where are you going on vacation???