Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unfocused Reading

It's 20 days into 2010 and I have only finished one book.


I don't know if I blame the book club or not. Every time I pick up a book that is not the book club selection, I can't concentrate. I think what I need to do is plow through The Count of Monte Cristo (which is the book club book and is, so far, good) so I can get back to the books I've got in my to-be-read pile.

What about you? Do you find that if you 'have' to read a book, your desire to actually read the book flies out the window? Or am I just weird?

I've almost got my first audio book of the year finished. But with a 90 second commute (seriously. I should be shot for not walking to work) I don't get a lot of it listened to each day.

I really like the idea of the audio books - keeps your hands and eyes free. I'm taking suggestions for books to listen to next.


Red Hamster said...

Oh yea, I can't do anything that someone says I "have" to do. That's why I don't join book clubs.

Do you have an iPod or iPhone or some portable device on which you can load audiobooks? The books are a bit expensive, though. But if you had a portable device with audiobooks loaded, then you could walk to work & listen to a book. ;)

Interesting site at:

LeahBear said...

Some of the audiobooks that I love to listen to most are the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency books, read by Lisette Lecat - she is so engaging and her voice is so rich and beautiful!

I also am an anti-book-clubber. I've tried it before, and it tends to make me resentful that I don't have time to read the books I really want to read.

Jay said...

I've tried joining book clubs, but since I really don't see the point of wasting my time reading a book I don't enjoy, I've given up. When you start to resent having to pick up a book, it's time to quit, in my opinion. Reading should be pleasurable.

OK, there are times when you read for education and that's fair enough. And if that's why you joined the challenge, then go for it. Not for me, though.

I second the iPod idea though. I whiled away a two-hour wait in the eye clinic yesterday with 22 Italian lessons. Twenty-two! That's when my capacity to soak up more Italian conversation dried up and (another advantage of the iPod) I switched to music.