Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nothin' doin'

I am boring, people.

Nothing new is happening.

Nothing interesting is happening.

I do miss being in school. I think. Maybe I miss it because life is pretty dull at the moment. What with the working and the grey skies and the cold.

Still knitting. Finishing up a scarf for a pal's birthday. Have about 35 rows to go, then have to block it.

I'm taking a crochet class tonight. That should be fun!

Is it too early for spring cleaning? Maybe it's cabin fever I'm feeling. Either way, I'm in the mood to down-size my belongings. I'm going to have a huge clear-out this month. I was thinking I might have a yard sale. S's house is in a great location and would get a lot of traffic. Or maybe I'll donate it all and be done with it.

Who else out there watches the Super Bowl ONLY for the ads? It's the one time of year that I occupy myself during the broadcast and stop what I'm doing to watch the commercials. Heh.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I could have just written this exact post myself, except for the knitting part, heh. I'm back to work after staying home with a virusy thing yesterday, and sitting here with a pile of work on my desk and feeling "Meh, who cares?"

You watch the Super Bowl exactly the way I do, or rather don't, except for the ads.

LceeL said...

Human beings are happiest when they are Productive and Creative.

Just sittin' 'round the house ain't gettin' 'er done, Tuli.

be creative. do art. write a book. knit something no one has ever seen before.


LeahBear said...

You aren't boring at all! I think there's just a bit of ennui in the air these days, I feel the same way.

Good luck with your clean-out, I hope it's satisfying!

jay said...

I think it's the time of year. Spring cleaning wasn't invented for nothing, you know - it's when people start getting itchy after all the miserable weather.