Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Against the laws of the universe...I am dating a wonderful man.

Two Sundays ago (April 25), S called me on my mobile and said, "you need to be at home and ready to go at 4:45 tomorrow. Don't wear jeans."

Me: Um... where are we going?
S: It's a surprise.
Me: ???
S: Seriously. I'm not telling you where we're going.
Me: OK*

Monday evening rolls around. I head home after work, change out of my jeans, and am ready at 4:45, per instructions.

S picks me up and we head to G's house to pick her and A up. I confess to them that I have no clue what's happening. They think this is the greatest thing ever and torment me mercilessly**.

So we hop in the car and head out. I picked up that we were going to Royal Oak and thought we were going to see a concert. (Royal Oak has an awesome venue for intimate concerts.)

Anyway. We get to Royal Oak and S tries to find us a parking spot. Since none of them know exactly where the Royal Oak Music Theater is, we were randomly driving 'round when S makes a turn, and VOILA, there it is:

You can't really tell, but the guy with the white socks? Directly under the marquee? He was wearing a kilt.


S had conspired with G to get CRAIG FERGUSON tickets.

Thereby proving - once again - that I. Am. Dating. A. Wonderful. Man.

Enjoy some Craig:

(I looked for video of his stand-up and while there are a few out there, the camera-phone quality isn't that great.)

*Really. That's what I said. The anticipation of the surprise was DELICIOUS.
**This was my first clue that this was going to be a GREAT evening. G and A wouldn't do anything unless is was top-notch cool.


LceeL said...

Now I'm full of envy. I actually think Craig and Conan were and are MUCH better than Dave and Chin Man.

LeahBear said...

I have to confess I've never heard of him... (maybe because I am stupider than I am young). :) I like him, I'll have to check out his stuff!

Yay for Awesome S!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to Craig Ferguson. Wow, he was right on in that clip! Loved it. And who doesn't love a Scottish accent? I Googled him and there's lots more Craig out there in film, tv, and a forthcoming book to love.

And your S is so worth lurving...

Ree said...

I used to live not to far from there. Wait. Damn. I used to live not too far from you, too.

Maybe when we take Shortman back to school?

What an awesome S you have.

blackbird said...

Oh you lucky girl.
On both counts.

blackbird said...

Oh you lucky girl.
On both counts.

jay said...

I've never heard of Craig Ferguson, but he looks promising, despite the fact that I missed the last sentence (punchline) and the vid was half hidden under the sidebar so I couldn't scroll back to repeat that part.

Lucky you! What a treat!

Just Plain Jane said...

Oh, thank you, thank you. Craig Ferguson is a great favorite and in the old folks' home we've lost the ability to tape his show, which we did nightly, before the move. How I miss him!