Friday, May 21, 2010

Strife? Not so much, actually.

Tuesday, 5/18:
Was my parent's 42nd wedding anniversary. I stopped at the flower shop where I worked many, many years ago and bought them some flowers. While I was at the flower shop, I told the lady that I had worked in that particular shop during the early 90's and that it was always one of my favorite jobs. She asked me about what I was doing now and when I mentioned that I was employed as an office worker, but not too happy with it, she said, "I'll be thinking about you...hoping that a change comes your way soon. It's so important to love what you do." She's one of those people who always know the exact, right thing to say. It boosted my spirits to have made a brief connection with someone who knew about unhappiness in your job.

Thursday, 5/20:
I got Let Go. Became unemployed.

Friday, 5/21:
The relief I had this morning upon waking up and NOT having to go to work there? Immense. Sure I'm freaking out about how I'll pay my mortgage, how I'll afford COBRA. Where I'll find a career I hopefully love (I do live in Michigan, people. The job market here sucks.). But you know what? The weight is gone. That horrible, awful, crushing weight of unhappiness in my job has vanished. Sure, I'm scared shitless but I'm breathing so much easier today. I don't have to deal with my boss anymore (he was a right git, that one), nor the office politics that I'd been separating myself from for the past few years -- effectively making me an outsider looking in - and let me tell you, my former co-workers? PETTY.

So here's to moving on. Moving up. Picking up steam and plowing ahead. And seriously thanking the Flower Lady for sending thoughts of change my way.


LeahBear said...

Wow... I wish I could think of the right thing to say! I'm happy that you're feeling happier, and I wish you the best of luck finding a great job. Maybe the Flower Lady could use some help while you're looking?

Anonymous said...

Tuli, I hear you...I've worked in the same sort of office environment. I'm glad you're out of there, but I know it's scary. Sending lots of hugs, best wishes, good lucks, and positive thoughts your way.

I worked in a flower shop for a summer. I loved the calming fresh smell of the walk-in cooler where they kept all the flowers. Maybe the nice Flower Lady would let you come and take some deep breaths of the flowers. Maybe it was prophetic that you saw her. Think of this as your time to blossom.

LceeL said...

I'm glad you can find some good in all of this, but I sincerely hope you'll be able to replace the old, bad job with a new, good job, soon. Because otherwise you're going to replace one kind of suffocating pressure with another brand new one.

eurolush said...

It's ironic how a bad thing can also sometimes be a really good thing.

Hope it's a good thing for you and a chance to regroup and find something that makes you happy.

Thinking of you...

blackbird said...

What can I say?
A blessing, I suppose - and I have confidence (as is my way) that you will, indeed, move on to something that suits you.
Onward. Upward.
I, too, will be thinking on you...

Badger said...

Holy what the heck?! Well. Right, then. I agree with previous commenters -- you should march right back to that flower shop, at least to let the Flower Lady know (in the nicest possible way) that when she speaks, the universe listens. And then, onward!

Ree said...

I know exactly how you feel. Being jobless in Michigan sucks, but luckily, you're near one of the places where there's still hope, right? ;-)

Duyvken said...

LOVE that flower lady.
I hope you find something soon (so that those nasty bills can get paid) and that you have a better working environment. It sure sounds like your old job wasn't pleasant!