Friday, March 7, 2008

The snow storm that wasn't...

The snow storm I was hoping for never arrived. It veered south. Right where my parents are vacationing -- in the mountains...where they're ill-prepared to handle any amount of snowfall. So hopefully the 'rents went to the grocery today and stocked up on supplies.

DB went out last night and had a bit too much to drink. And to top it off, he didn't get home until close to three. So aside from being a tad hung-over he was also drag-ass tired. Even though he is Mr. Responsible and never cuts loose like this, I am finding it hard to be sympathetic. Probably because I find it so damn funny. Oh well, next time I'm out with the gals and drink too much, he can laugh at me in return.

Got my tax return back and EVERY BIT of it will be going towards bills. This really sucks, people!

Have a test in class tomorrow and couldn't give a shit about it. I'm so ready for this school year to be over. It's like this every winter semester but the longing for it to be over has hit a bit earlier this year. Hell. On the bright side, there are less than 2 months left in this semester. And then I've got a four-month vacation. And then I've only got four classes left! One year! TWO SEMESTERS! On the not-so-bright side, I've been back in school half-time since 2003 and have wracked up a hell of a student loan bill for a degree that may or may not improve my employment prospects. But YAY! Only one more year!

Anyone need to hire a criminology major? Here I am.

Work today was awful. Not the people I work with -- *mostly* they're great. But the bits of work that I do? Suck. All kinds of ass. And it's the same old shit each day. Yeah, I know. Wah! (Hence my enrollment in university. So I can get a job that DOESN'T SUCK ASS!)

Think I'll go fix myself a Bloody Mary, curl up on the couch, and watch a movie.

And during pee breaks, I'll study for tomorrow's test.

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