Friday, April 4, 2008

Photo Friday

It's Friday. A good day for pictures of things that make me happy.

This is Russ (a.k.a Bubbers, Big Boy, Biggest) and Scully (a.k.a Skulls, Skullster, Baby Girl). The best dogs EVER:

This is Dearest Boyfriend:

This is his dog:

This is my pear tree (which currently looks nothing like this because it's still practically winter):

And this is what it gives me (even though I do nothing for it. It produces so much that branches break!) (I'm hoping to have a friend teach me how to can this season so I can do something will all this wonderful fruit! Usually it all just falls off the tree and does nothing but attract bees and become dog snacks. Shame, I know, but it makes me happy that this thing thrives.) :

Michigan is supposed to have a bit of a warm spell next week. So that's a good thing. But it won't last. (2.5" average snowfall in April, people.)

Watched Sweeney Todd last evening. Loved.It. DB was a bit squeamish because of all the blood and couldn't believe I didn't have a problem with it. But, 'ello!, it was bright red and so obviously not real blood. Rubies, ya know!?! The music was fantastic and everyone sang their asses off even though none of them are singers and when can I watch it again?


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