Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Numerous down, 2 to go

For the past four years, another sure sign of spring has been the winding down of winter-semester classes. (I only go half-time. So yeah, I've taken 4 classes a year since 2003. But, when added to the 2.5 years I completed right after high-school, it adds up and = a BS!)

Anyway. About this time every year, I start getting antsy for classes to end. The warmth and sunshine distract me from school ESPECIALLY when I've got professors I really can't stand. My Tuesday evening class (meets from 5:30 to 8:10 weekly) is lead by a man who is brilliant. He really knows his stuff and is passionate about his topic. But his class has been nothing but lecture, lecture, lecture. And he has a REALLY HEAVY accent so it's hard to understand him. And he thinks he's funny but he's totally not. And it's really hard to sit still for so long when you really just want to push the man out the window. Seriously, people. I could do him bodily harm. But it's almost over and now the classes have gotten really interesting. WE get to teach. Everyone has to give a 15 minute presentation, a "talk", about the subject of our huge research paper. The first round of folks went tonight and I really enjoyed them. Why couldn't we have done this a lot earlier in the semester? Granted, we're NOT going to be teachers (unless some go on to careers in academia) but tonight's presentations were really good. I took notes and everything! I give my presentation next week, then the week after (4/15) we get our take-home exam which is due on the 17th, then I'm DONE with Dr. Evil Professor! 2 more classes to go!

BUT -- one of the classes I am required to take is being offered next semester by only one professor. And it's him. I think I'm going to wait until Winter semester and try to get it then. It may mean delaying graduation, but that's OK. I DO NOT WANT TO TAKE ANOTHER CLASS WITH THIS MAN. EVER.

My Saturday class (5 hours, Spanish) is wonderful. My classmates are wonderful and my professor, who also has an accent - but it's a lot easier to understand then Dr. E.P.s - is entertaining and funny. So, for those reasons, I'll be bummed when the semester is over. But not for losing 5 hours of every Saturday for the past 4 months.

I used Olay's Microdermabrasion kit thingy for the first time this evening. I think I like it! Not so crazy about the smell of it, but that's just me. I don't like citrus-y smells. DB torments me about my hatred of all things citrus. He'll eat an orange then come up and rub my shoulders. Or play with my hair (which is lovely but he never does it when he doesn't have orange odor all over his hands. grr). Yeah. It's rude. But he does enjoy tormenting me so.

Trying to figure out how to put twitter on my side menu but I've not figured it out yet. I do so love a good tweet!

*Raising my Smithwick's to you*

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