Sunday, March 30, 2008

The books have taken over!

I never realized until today how many books I have. I moved a few of them from Michigan to Texas, then back to Michigan again. And the move back was almost 7 years ago! (We were loading the U-haul on 9/11 - left on 9/12. Was weird driving all that way and not seeing a plane in the sky.)

I am sorting books and have realized that I have a TON of books I've not read. Yet I am compelled to buy more. I buy the clearance books at Borders, I buy used books at yard sales and Salvation Army. I beg them from friends, and DEMAND them for my birthday and Christmas. You wanna make me happy? Send me a bookstore gift card.

Heaven is a day spent at a book store with no other demands on my time.

Hi. My name is Tuli. I'm a book addict.

The downside to the sorting that I'm doing is that my house has books everywhere right now. Stacks.Of.Books. And I live with a dog that thinks books are her personal chew toys. So that's a small dilemma. Will have to carefully move the stacks to the "library" (which is really the "2nd bedroom" but is too small to rent out so I converted it into my office. but 'library' is a word I love, so I've applied it to my home office. I never claimed I wasn't a dork.) and hope I don't confuse my organization system in the moving. Oh, who am I kidding? I'll have to resort them.

I added shelves to my library walls today -- 36 glorious feet of shelf-space -- and I now have room to acquire more books! (This is a good thing, people!)

Tigers opening day is tomorrow. Against KC Royals. Here's hoping they kick some ass this season.

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