Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Busy day

Oh people! The hair wing was out in full-force today. Nothing I did could tame it. I think I have to get one of those flat iron things. My hair-cutting goddess used one when I was in the salon and I think it made all the difference.


Busy work week. So busy I'll hit 40 hours at noon on Friday. This is especially nice because DB and I are going to Pittsburgh to visit friends (C&C) this weekend and we'll get there in time for a nice dinner out. (Sometimes being an hourly employee is a good thing! Especially when my employer doesn't want to pay overtime.)

C&C signed us up for a 5k on Sunday morning. That'll be fun but I'm totally walking it. My last foray into running proved that I don't know the proper stretches for my shins and they killed me. All the time. (Did I tell you that running class starts on 5/22? And that I'm hoping they'll show me the proper shin stretches?)

I'm also hoping to get a manicure and a new hand bag while there. I hear PA has killer outlet malls.

My dad is letting us borrow his GPS thingy for the trip. I wonder if I can program it to alert me to those killer outlet malls.

Must go do laundry for tomorrow and the weekend. But should check Pittsburgh weather first...don't know what to pack!

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HEATHER said...

If the flat iron doesn't work, try a curling iron and roll in direction that it is going.