Monday, May 5, 2008

Old hair / new hair

This first photo, "Old Hair", was taken last September at the Grand Canyon. I chalked up the awfulness of this picture to having just spent days hiking and camping in the Arizona heat. The benefit of this hair style (if it even qualifies as a style) was that I could wash it, dry it, and go. And in the summer, I would wash it, put it up in a bun, and go.

(Bad sunglasses, too. They were gas station cheapies because my other pair broke.)

Last Monday I happened to catch a glimpse - just a glimpse, mind you - of myself on TV. My hair was the same and it looked AWFUL! (Why, oh why, did no one tell me I had bad hair? And why did no one tell me that I had gotten HUGE? That is why there are traineo buttons on the left remind me to PUT THE COOKIE DOWN! And why running class begins later this month. And why there is HEALTHY FOOD in my fridge.)

It just so happened that I had a hair appointment on Friday. So I made a change and this is what I now have atop my head now. This is "new hair":

Shorter, thinner (people, you should've seen the hair flying off my head), and half the drying time. Yippee! When I left the salon, I didn't have that little wing-like thing on the side there. But I shall conquer the wing and it shall be good. I need to master the art of styling with a blow dryer.

So. That's me.


Badger said...

So cute! Dammit, EVERYONE on the internets is better looking than me.

HEATHER said...

Wow that's a big difference! The new cut is fresher and makes you look younger.

Just Plain Jane said...

Really charming, the new style is. Good luck with mastering the technique. That can be SO difficult.

Tuli said...

Badger: Thanks, but I remember seeing some pictures of you in your archive. Nobody can beat the cuteness that is Badger! I wish I had the courage to get my hair styled like yours in some of your pics.

Heather: I've been getting a lot of "you look younger" comments! I'm glad it does. It makes me feel younger, too.

Jane: The mastering of the technique is so frustrating! I think I need a flat iron. Hopefully then I'll be able to do it!