Thursday, May 8, 2008

Clean cars, pissed of robins, and hommus

I just spent 2 hours detailing the car in preparation for tomorrow's road trip to Pittsburgh. Oh my god, people. The dog hair I vacuumed up would've knitted seat covers for the wagon's front bucket seats! The hair was so bad I had to take a rubber brush to the carpet to get it to come up. It was EMBEDDED in the carpet.

I wonder if Volvo makes a dog-hair proof cargo area. Kinda like a force-field against rogue dog hair, a Rhino Lining for station wagons, if you will. It would be wonderful. Haul our three shed-prone beasts around and once every couple of days, hose that bitch out! Maybe I'll write the Rhino people a letter.

It's warm enough now that I was able to hang my asparagus fern out on my front porch. A robin has decided to build his nest in my fern! While I'm happy to share my fern with him and his missus, he can't get pissed off at me when I walk up on my porch. He flies to the fence and chirps a scolding at me. Dude! So not my fault that you picked MY FERN to build your nest. I shall do my best to be quiet when I come up on the porch and I promise to leave you alone as you go about your birdy business, so LAY OFF THE PISSED OFF CHIRPING.

Had hommus and pita chips for dinner tonight. Not a well-balanced meal but it sure was delicious! And DB's dog got to lick the container which she loves very much.

Off to pack and furminate Scully - who gets to spend the weekend with my folks. (They have light carpet. She's a black dog in mid-shed. GAH!)


HEATHER said...

If you want to drive them away, drop a few moth balls into the soil of the plant. I can't stand it when birds nest in my hanging baskets, because they kill the ferns every time!

blackbird said...

Hummus and pita chips is a perfectly acceptable meal at MY house.