Friday, May 16, 2008

Robin update

I tried to copy Eurolush's super-stealth picture taking technique this afternoon. I really think it works better on unsuspecting Germans...because my subject got PISSED.

About a second after the flash went off (dumb ass me forgot to turn it off!), she let out a chirp that was heard for blocks, I'm sure, and flew to the fence*.

Where she continued to chew me a new one for disturbing her in her nest. When I didn't move off the porch fast enough for her, she flew into the tree:

and chirped some more. (Can you see her? She's right in the middle of the picture.)

By then, my concern was that I'd scare her off her nest for good, so I went back inside. About half an hour later, I realized that I missed a prime opportunity to take a picture of what was in the nest (duh). So I TURNED THE FLASH OFF, went back outside, raised the camera...and watched robin fly away. I had hoped to get another of her on her nest - sans flash - but she saw the little silver box and flew. Chirping all the way, too.

This time, I took advantage of her departure:

I promised robin I'd not disturb her any more this evening and scuttled back inside to blog my bird adventure.

Instead of cleaning my house.

* Why this particular robin chose this half-dead asparagus fern is beyond me. The poor fern had been indoors all winter. First chance I had, I put it outside. And it made some progress...see the bits of green? But now with robin in residence, I'm fearful my poor plant shall perish.

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blackbird said...

That's a beautiful shot of the nest!