Friday, May 16, 2008


Let me just say this...


Comic Sans


My hatred of this font is very severe and I see it everywhere. One of my favorite places to have drinks just added some advertisements to their front windows in that dumb font. I have to fight the urge to throw rocks.

I know it's a stupid, stupid thing to loathe. But there you have it.

Maybe I'll do a pictorial. I would entitle it "Places that use that damn font I hate so much." Oooh, project!

Sunday, May 18, is my parents 40th wedding anniversary. We're taking them on a dinner train. Since we had to pre-order our lunches, my mom has been driving my SIL and myself INSANE with "where are you taking us?" After assuring her that it would be no place where she'd be embarrassed or singled-out (my mom is VERY shy and low-key and loves to just blend in), we've refused to tell her anything. Why am I getting so much delight out of torturing my poor mother?

A Tuli factoid: Sunday, May 18, would've been my 12th wedding anniversary. My marriage lasted less than 4 years. Thank God that date has worked for my parents.


Just Plain Jane said...

And your mama doesn't read your blog? I guess not, for otherwise she'd know where she was being taken on Sunday. Give the anniversary couple my congratulations. I'm sure they'd agree with me that some years were better than others over the long haul.

I loved your telling of the font pet peeve.

Badger said...

Ha! Every single letter I've ever typed using my computer has been in comic sans. Not just that, but comic sans bold. Fourteen point. Because I am JUST THAT OBNOXIOUS.