Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pittsburgh, Blokus, and red wine

Just about noon this past Friday, I hit 40 hours at work and was free to go. Whee!

DB and I hopped in the car and headed off to see our Pittsburgh Pals, Lady C and Sir C. We arrived about 6:30 because, in an effort to save fuel, we drove 60 the whole way. Our strategy worked! We got there and back on a tank of gas in DB's Volvo wagon. Yay us for thinking green.

Anyway. We went to this tiny little restaurant (name escapes me) for drinks and dinner. The food was good but the company was better.

Saturday we got up and hit a couple of estate sales looking for good crappe. Found nothing as good as Eurolush found when she went here, but did find 4 really cute cloth napkins:

Went to The Strip where I found salt and pepper shakers. Good thing, too as I was getting damned tired of looking for them.

Saturday evening we went and saw Reverend Horton Heat. I had never heard of them but quickly became a fan. They rawked - as a lot of those "we're from Texas and have been paying our dues for a long time" bands do. Rockabilly alert!

(They have a song called Bails of Cocaine which is fantastic but my youtube search produced no video worth posting.)

Sunday dawned overcast and chilly. Perfect weather for my first 5k - the Pittsburgh Race for the Cure. Ok, ok, I admit I walked most of it...but there were a TON of people there. DB ran it in just over 25 minutes (that is just over an 8-minute mile pace, people. yeah. for someone who doesn't run, he sure does it fast.) Took me 30 minutes longer. huh. Sir C said I should look on this as my starting point. Come October and the half marathon, I can look back at this event and say "look how far I've come!" I like that idea. My first running class begins a week from Thursday.

We spent the rest of the day shopping for dinner, drinking red wine, and playing Blokus. Dinner was salmon baked on a cedar board! The house smelled fantastic and the fish was delicious. Lady C really knows how to chef it up. Between the four of us, we finished three bottles of red wine. Which I didn't hate! Which is a new development! And Blokus? F.U.N. We had a terrific time playing it. The games are fast-paced and quick.

Yesterday, we drove home - again at 60 m.p.h. and arrived around 3:30.

And promptly wanted to turn around and head back to Pittsburgh.


eurolush said...

Adorable tea towels and Salt-n-Peppa shakers.

Nothing's more fun than finding cool stuff, hanging out with good friends and heavy drinking.

Badger said...

I heart Rev. Horton Heat! May have to do a Song Lyric Saturday with them sometime soon.