Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday update

Tomorrow, we're going to see A Prairie Home Companion in Ann Arbor.

But before that fun event, I have to:
  • mow my half-acre back yard (which I HATE to do, even though I have a riding mower)
  • push mow the front yard and margin (which I DO NOT hate doing)
  • pray it doesn't rain until AFTER I get the lawn mowed.
  • laundry
  • clean house
  • pack for tomorrow evening at DBs (hopefully not forgetting the tickets to tomorrow's event and my dad's Father's Day card).
  • sleep
  • go to DBs house early enough to drop off the dogs, then
  • hit the farmer's market to pick up my first CSA box.
  • Make sure my skirt is wrinkle-free and iron if need be.
  • shop for a Father's Day gift
  • read
  • enjoy the weather
  • be at DBs house to 'take delivery' of the dog I'm dog-sitting next week.
  • get dressed for APHC
  • Leave for APHC about 5 because I want to get there early and see everything there is to see.
Sunday, blessed Sunday!, will be a day of relaxation. I think we're going to have lunch out somewhere for Father's Day, then it's back to my house in Ypsi to finish cleaning (because I know damn well I won't get it done tonight).


Random photo:

Me letting go of the rope swing on Havasu Creek. Taken in Havasu Canyon early September 2007. The water was cold, yet so refreshing.

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