Wednesday, June 25, 2008


DB* and I went for a ride on the tandem bike last night. I did fairly well. My heart did not explode like DB thought it would. You see, I'm not nearly as athletic as he is. Ha. Big surprise. I think the running has helped a bit with the heart-not-exploding even though I've not been nearly as faithful to running as I should be. But I want to be. No, I need to be. Because when I'm active, I feel better. Anyway, we rode downtown Ann Arbor to Top of the Park (so named because it used to be held on top of the parking structure) and had some delicious food, good beer, and listened to good music. We were going to stay and watch Vertigo but it didn't start until 10 and with no lights on the bike, I was worried about getting home safely. So we left when it was still light out. The rides there and back were so much FUN, people. I can't wait to ride on it again. They say that if you ever want to find out how you'll get along with someone, paint a small room with them. I'd like to add, "ride a tandem bicycle" with them. Talk about faith and trust - the person in the back (me, in this case) has NO control over steering, braking, shifting, and usually can't see over the person in front. But, doggone it, I had the bell! And I rang it to suit my fancy. Which was often. And usually for no reason other than it makes me feel young to do it.


I'm going to Mackinac Island in July. I've ordered a copy of Knitting for Dummies from the library so I can take it with me. My plan is to sit in an Adirondack on the Mission Point lawn, watch the boats finish the race (in which DB is participating), and read about knitting. Hopefully by then I'll have picked up some yarn and needles so I can practice a bit, too. Talk about relaxation. Book(s), cool breezes off the Straits, warm sunshine, and drunken sailors. Who could ask for more?

This will be my third summer in a row for going to Mackinac. Probably the last, too, for the purpose of getting DB off the boat as he may not be doing the race any more. I am hoping that we'll still continue to go up once a year though because, people, it's fantastic there. No cars, barely any cell phone reception, and usually gorgeous weather. It truly is one of my favorite places to be.


In other news, I'm reading a bit of fluff by Meg Cabot called Queen of Babble (in Googling that title, I discovered it's the first of a series! yay!). It's light, it's fun, it's a super fast read.

And Fearless Fourteen came out this month! Woo!

*And can I just say that I need to stop calling my guy "DB" here at Defective Typewriter. Because I think of him that way in my head now. That has to stop. God forbid I ever call him that to his face because, confession time: he doesn't know about this blog. He knows I read blogs because I talk about them all the time - I've even shared some of your posts with him. But, for now, this blog is mine and mine alone (well, yours too, if you read it). It's not that I'm exactly hiding it from him, but I've surely not volunteered the information. And he's not asked. Maybe he just assumes that I've got a blog and doesn't want to know what I write about. He wouldn't find this by searching for my name...obviously Tuli isn't my real name. But he might find it if he were to search for the old Liberty. So, if you hear me talk about an "S", that's DB. I'm going to try to get into the habit of using his initial here.

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Just Plain Jane said...

Thanks for both your email AND your comment on the blog. I wish I knew how to ride a bike. I tried and tried as a kid. Never got to the moment of trust leading to freedom. Now I'm at the bone breaking age and I wouldn't think of trying......not even on a tandem.