Monday, June 30, 2008

What's going on

Sitting here sipping my Bushmills and water, thinking about what I need to accomplish this week. It's going to be a bit hectic here. But that's OK. Actually that's quite good. Because at the end of the week, when a few of my tasks have been checked off the to-do list, Sir and Lady C will be here!

We're going to be spending the holiday weekend at S's lake cottage. One of the local party stores pays for a wonderful fireworks display and this year, the show is on the 5th. When we were in Pittsburgh in May, we bought a bunch of stuff to decorate the pontoon as a floating tiki hut. HOWEVER, since this is the year of the BIRDS, there is a BIRDS NEST under the CANOPY of the boat. So we'll probably decorate it but we won't be able to take it out for a spin.

Upon reflection, this probably isn't a bad thing.

Here are a couple of pictures of the birds. They were taken with my cell phone because it's the only camera that can get between the nest and the canopy top. So they're kinda crappy. But whatever.

I think these birds lined their nest with swan feathers. (At our last count, there were two breeding pairs of swans on the lake.)

So. We'll have the Pittsburgh Cs and a small gathering of pals for the fireworks. Yee haw.

I get my hair cut again tomorrow. It's been two months since I got it styled. And it's been a WONDERFUL two months of quick showers and quick blow-drys. Once I conquered the hair wing, it was smooth sailing. I'm thinking I might have her take a little bit more off the back this time.

An aside: Did I mention that last year I had a ton of lenght cut off my hair when S was out of town? And that when he got back into town, he didn't say a DAMN word about my new short 'do? And did I mention that I took that to mean he hated my new short hair cut? Because FOR A YEAR he never said a word about it? I'm not about to ask if he liked it if he can't even say, "hey, you cut your hair." So this last time I got it cut I ran it past him first. "S, I'm gonna get my hair cut and styled. It'll be short. Just so you know." Luckily, he liked it. When I called him on the whole not mentioning the cut a year ago, he CLAIMED HE DIDN'T NOTICE. Ha. Just like a man. (Are they REALLY that clueless sometimes?)


Haircut, then pick up a dog I'm dog sitting, then a walk with my aunt tomorrow evening. Wednesday will be spent at S's helping him get ready for the Cs to arrive. We're going to Urban Camp Thursday evening before heading off to the cottage on Friday.

Happy 4th of July!

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