Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday Sewing

Saturday evening, I spent a couple of hours in a very enjoyable manner. I spent those couple of hours at a sewing machine MAKING BAGS. Both of which I gave away the next day, but hey...I had a ton of fun making them!

First up is an Artsy Clutch (Amy Karol, Bend-The-Rules Sewing). This was made as a gift for R, S's mom. I had so much fun making this bag! It sewed up quickly (about an hour...but speed will increase the more I make) and quite easily.

Project cost: I picked two fat-quarters which were $1.49 each but I only used half of each one, the cotton flannel facing was purchased at a church rummage sale in a huge bag of fabric - the amount I used was about 10¢ worth. The button was $4.99. The elastic loop was a hair band (!!!) - one of 32 I got for a buck. So I spent just over $8.00 for materials for this bag. (I am now obsessed with finding a large button collection that I can buy for cheap!)

I LOVE the lining of this bag. LOVE. IT. (Gah, these pictures suck!)

Secondly, I made a "My Leetle Bag" (Beth Roberts at YarnEnvy). Another quick, easy, and fun bag to make. I made this as a gift bag for baby J's welcoming ceremony. (I tucked a little elephant inside a small antique box for her.)

Project cost: I used one fat quarter ($1.49) and it was the perfect amount for the outside and the lining of this bag. The ribbon was part of a ribbon-assortment bag I bought for $1.00 - I used about 3¢ worth of ribbon. Materials for this bag cost me $1.61 - including tax. Took about an hour to make. (I'm assuming that sewing time will decrease once I've made more than one. This was my first.) People, you can't buy paper gift bags for this cheap!

I attribute the crappiness of these photos to the glass of wine I drank to celebrate my craftiness. So here's one that's pretty clear, in focus, and bright enough:

Next step is to make patterns that will help in the cutting of the materials - especially if I choose a fabric that is NOT a fat quarter. But fat quarters? RAWK.

What is a FAT Quarter? It is such a useful cut of fabric...take one 1/2 yd off the bolt, which is 18" by 44". You cut that in half and you have a cut 18" x 22". That is a FAT. (from Fat Quarter Quilters)

I've tried to change the font above 4 times but each time I preview it, that darned comic sans font shows up. I'm hoping this is just a preview fluke and it goes away. I HATE that font.


penny said...

I miss my sewing machine. I don't have room for it right now so it's been in storage for 4 years since my last move. I'll see a shirt, or a skirt, or a bag and think "Ooh, I'm going to make that" and then remember I can't. I'm hoping I'll make room for it soon.

Wendy said...

Look how crafty you are! I love making those little clutches. I've posted at least 3. They use almost no fabric.