Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holiday Nights with F & E

Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI, has an event every year called Holiday Nights. Every weekend during the month of December the Village is turned into Christmases Past.

For the past couple of years, S and I have gotten together with F & E (who, by the way, are fantastic people whom we don't spend nearly enough time with - and I'm not just saying that because F found my blog. Seriously, we love you guys!) and visited the Village for an evening of Old Fashioned Family Fun.

They have players who dress up in period costumes and carolers and stores and hot chocolate and chimney sweeps who walk around and try to solicit business "Sweep your chimney sir?" and "Sweeps are good luck!" (if you shake their hand or they blow you a kiss). They've got an outdoor ice rink and you can borrow skates. They've got Santa and reindeer and gorgeous decorations. The whole place smells of wood smoke and pine boughs.

Cotswold Cottage is set up as a WWI (F it is WWI isn't it?) military vignette. Men in British uniforms say "Happy Christmas!" to you. You tour through the two-room Cottage and learn a bit about life during war. This is one of my favorite stops - there is ALWAYS a line for this one.

If you happen to be in southeast Michigan over a weekend in December, you should really try to go. Tickets do sell out so buy them in advance.


It's warm and sunny here today. Unseasonably warm. The tree outside my office window is slowly shedding its leaves - they're gold today and some are turning to that wonderful rust color. But if I look really closely, towards the trunk of the tree, I can still see some green leaves.


penny said...

That sounds like such fun! It reminds me of going to Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas.

Zeppelin Commander said...

Mr. F and Mrs. E love GFV especially the Christmas thing. The WWII cottage is my fav. I also love cavorting with S & V as they are tops. Sillyness and tomfoolery.