Monday, November 10, 2008

First snow.


It snowed here last night. Not enough to accumulate, but it left a dusting on all the surfaces with a northern exposure. Like the roof outside my office window.

Now don't get me wrong. I love snow. And cold weather. And warm coats and wool sweaters and boots that keep your toes toasty. I love snow glare and the way the air smells when the temperature drops. I pride myself on never saying in a disdainful way, "It's cold outside! I'm cold!" Bring it on, I say.

But for some reason, the sight of the snow on the roof outside my window this morning dampened my spirits in a way it never has before. In a moment of self pity, I regretted the months of cold weather and snow ahead of us. In that moment, I longed for a hot summer day. And then I felt guilt for it because Any Season But Summer has ALWAYS been my favorite season.

On a happier note, S and I are going to be going away the first weekend of December. We're having a weekend retreat to Cleveland with C and C - our Pittsburgh Pals.

Am thinking we should hit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And some vintage shops (because it's been FOREVER since my last Thrifty Thursday post). Is there anything else that is a 'must do' when in Cleveland?

Aside from THIS, that is.

Because, honestly, I'd rather see the A Christmas Story house than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Um, the Cleveland Clinic? :) That's all I can think of in Cleveland. Hope you have a great time and sorry the snow got you down. :(

penny said...

We were supposed to have our first snow (you know, the first snow where you can actually tell it's snow and not that it might just be freezing rain) last week. It's a no show so far. We've been pretty light on the snow front the last few years so I'm hoping for lots and lots this year. Of course, I don't have to drive in it. But I have an awesome pair of boots I only wear when it snows and I haven't gotten to wear them for a long time. (joking, somewhat)

About 10 years ago I decided on a whim to drive up and see the R&R HOF. I drove to Cleveland, checked into a hotel, went to a sports bar and ate, checked out of the hotel, and drove home. I never made it to the HOF. I like Pittsburgh though.