Tuesday, November 11, 2008


One of the ladies I work with is involved with a chef of a Great Lakes cargo ship. You can take the chef off the boat but you can't take the chef out of the man.

Look at the pastries he made us this morning!

APPLE TURNOVERS. Hot out of the oven.

I dare Fraü Mueller to produce something as delicious as this.

Life is, indeed, good.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, yum!

Eleanor said...

You are a brave woman to DARE Frau Mueller.

I fear for your safety, and for your cholesterol levels.

HEATHER said...

Those look delish!

eurolush said...

Hallo Tuli. Dies iz die Frau Mueller hier. Die Eurolush tell me about dies pastry von you und das you say it de best iz. Ven I hear dies I laff. No, says I. Dis iz zo funny. Die Frau Mueller make die best pastries in der whole vorld. Der Chef von das cargo boat, he haf a goldenes pastry truck? Nein? Vat you do wenn der chef go bye-bye on das Boat?

Denn du have kein pastry more.

Ven you to Cher-many comes, I haff many pastry fur du. Den you smile und eat.

penny said...

My mouth is literally watering!