Wednesday, December 3, 2008

4-day weekend - #2

This is my second 4-day weekend in a row. Except this weekend I don't have to work at my second job.

This weekend is all about hanging with C & C, exploring Cleveland, and staying in a fantastic house (which I will describe in detail upon my return). It's also about going to see the 'A Christmas Story' house.

This weekend is also about making S drive so I can sit in the passenger seat and write a 10-page paper on community policing. The paper is due Monday. PROCRASTINATE MUCH? Yes. Yes I do.

So until my return:
  • don't shoot your eye out
  • be on the look out for packages marked fragile because who knows what they may contain
  • write a Theme: What I Want For Christmas (and it better not be a football because they don't make very good Christmas presents) (and remember to watch those margins!)
And I triple dog dare you to stick your tongue to a metal pole when it's freezing cold outside.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Fragile. Is that Italian? :)

Have fun!

eurolush said...

I hope you'll be taking photos...I want to see you in front of that house.

PS- Watch out for those dogs!


Anonymous said...

hhmmm...if only it got cold enough here to take that dare!

A Christmas Story is my husband's absolute favoritest movie! We must watch it more then a dozen times between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Have a great time!