Monday, December 1, 2008

You Look Healthy

Yesterday while at work at my second job, a random customer said to me "you look healthy."

I didn't know what to even say to that. I had been running around so I was very warm and I'm sure my face was flushed. But when I'm flushed, it's not very pretty - my whole face turns red and I look pissed off. Did she mean that I look chubby? (If so, how FRICKIN' RUDE!) I know I've put on weight but I don't look totally awful. Was she hitting on me? Had she confused me with someone who, at one time, wasn't always so healthy? (Why in the hell aren't I ballsy enough to say, "and what is that supposed to mean?")

I think I mumbled something about it being warm in the store, then promptly changed the subject to product talk.

Seriously. How would you have responded to her?


Also, my Christmas season has officially begun. I heard The Hippopotamus Song just a few minutes ago.


HEATHER said...

I probably would have responded the way you did. I am not good on my feet that way, I would have come up with a hundred and one snappy, smart-ass comments, of course, after Miss Rudeness had left.
Seriously, WTF-HOW RUDE!!!!!
Hope your day is better!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Wow. That's... weird. I probably would have just grunted and looked away. People are so strange.

eurolush said...

You're right. It's not a compliment you hear very often from strangers. You do what I do, though, which is to read too much into people's comments.

I think she probably thought you were glowing--with flushed, pink cheeks--and looked healthy and strong.

Take is as a compliment. You're young and healthy. It's good!

Anna said...

I'm with eurolush here, take it as a compliment. Either it was meant to be or it wasn't but - you're the winner if you regard it as such!
P.S. Would probably have suffered severe case of esprit-d'escalier, myself...