Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Crazies

Been nuts around these parts, people. Nuts, I say. So you get a bullet post:
  • Friday, 12/19, went with F & E to Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village.
  • Had a BLAST.
  • As usual.
  • Tons of snow made the event more magical than ever.
  • F mentioned that he would like to appear on my blog.
  • But of course we forgot a camera.
  • Have two weeks off from my real job.
  • As of right now, my house is STILL a disaster zone.
  • Call in reinforcements, I'm going to need help to clear this place up.
  • I did get all of my Christmas pressies sewn in time.
  • Christmas came and went and I'm glad it's over.
  • I got some fantastic loot.
  • More than I deserve, in fact.
  • But NO WAY can the givers have any of it back.
  • Cashmere sweater.
  • Pandora bracelet.
  • Books.
  • Obama stuff.
  • Much more.
  • Spent the holiday at S's cottage.
  • His mom and her two dogs were there.
  • Our big dogs were perfect.
  • Her dogs are are yappers.
  • And that's all I'm going to say about that.
  • Visited family.
  • Ate too much.
  • And am pretty much exhausted.
Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!
Happy New Year!


blackbird said...

I think I'd like to build an imaginary Pandora bracelet at their website.

penny said...

Sounds like it's time for nap.