Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To walk or not to walk. That is the question.

Ok people. I'd like to get some input, please.

As I've mentioned about a billion times on this blog, I'm graduating in April (barring illness, a teacher's strike, or the proverbial bus). I need to decide - and soon - if I'm going to actually take part in the graduation ceremony.

My inclination is to participate - to actually mark the occasion of finishing this phase of my formal education. After all, when it's said and done, it will have taken me 19 years to earn a BS. I think a ceremony is well deserved.

What say you?


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

I say put on the cap and gown and WALK! You've earned it, go across that stage and get applauded!

Badger said...

Do it! DO IT DO IT! You'll never regret having done it. Unless you fall and break your ankle or something, but, um, DON'T DO THAT.

donna said...

WALK!!! You may one day regret not having done it, but you'll never regret having done it. Plus, you'll be surprised at how emotional it is for you and your family. It's a nice way to acknowledge all your hard work.

Eleanor said...

Definitely do it Tuli, and also don't forget to have photos taken and publish them on your blog.

I made you a sandcastle, you can post me a graduation picture. So there.


Anonymous said...

I should think that would be a most definite and resounding


blackbird said...


Wendy said...

You have to do it. I don't know a single person who regrets attending their graduation.

Attend that ceremony and be proud of yourself!

Wayward said...

Congrats! I saw take a walk. You've earned it and you won't regret it. You may not look back and say, "Gee, walking was the best moment of my life," (actually, I hope you never say that) but it does mark a transition and conveys a message. It says, "Alright now, quit sucking on the teat of academia and get out there and contribute to the GNP!"

Just joshing, though that did kinda seem to be the attitude my folks had once I graduated, "get a job and quit asking us for money."

penny said...

Definitely walk - you've earned it! Then you can have a party.

eurolush said...

Let me join in the chorus... WALK!!!

Now I will sing it in a high, falsetto voice. Waaaaaaaaaaalk!

You deserve a round of applause for all your hard work.

And a moment in the spotlight.

Take a bow.

You've more than earned it!