Monday, March 9, 2009

A lamb in wolf's clothing

Upcoming job fair + wardrobe of jeans, cargo pants, and sweatshirts + a burning desire to get a hella awesome job = clothes shopping.

I bought a suit. A black one.

And this shirt:

Next up:


And shoes.

Not necessarily in that order.


Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Oh, Lordy. I would so have to go clothes shopping if I had to enter the job market right now. Shorts and t-shirts do not a job-wardrobe make.

Unless I got a job as a lifeguard. Woo hoo!

penny said...

I love the color!

Shoes first, then resume.

You'll do great. You'll look confident, so you'll feel confident.

I have lots of casual clothes and lots of dressy clothes. My problem is I don't have many places to wear the dressy so any big outing is an excuse to overdress.

eurolush said...

Thumbs up on the shirt.

Good luck with the interview(s)!

PS-Will we get to see the whole outfit, shoes and all??

Wendy said...

I love green! I also have a blouse with diagonal lines like that (different colors), and it's very flattering.

Good luck on the interviews!

blackbird said...

Go, GO, GO!