Friday, April 3, 2009

Girls' weekend

My best friend K and I are going to Birch Run this weekend. We're going up on Saturday evening and shopping our asses off on Sunday.

Lord, please watch over me and give me the strength to resist the Coach store.

I'm going to be shopping for business wardrobe basics. Something that would be appropriate for interviews. I can't go too overboard because my first job may be a uniformed one - so, obviously, I wouldn't need a huge business wardrobe right now.

Heavenly Father, there are 40 stores that sell shoes. Help me resist those, too.

I also want to find some kitchen stuff. I would like to find some sort of counter-top wine storage. Maybe something for three bottles or so. Unfortunately, I don't have room for the type of awesome wine storage Eurolush has (top picture, partially hidden behind the chair). I'd like a food processor and Badger has me wanting a pasta maker.

There is a Border's Outlet too, Lord. Grant me the strength to only purchase ONE BOOK. And Lord, help me remember to take my coupon.


penny said...

I am completely jealous! I haven't had a good outlet shopping trip in, well, a very long time. Shoes, books, and kitchen supplies - I think I would pass out from the excitement!

If I knew where my favorite wine rack was I would send it to you. I obviously don't use it!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dude. At least go into the Coach store and sniff that wonderful leather smell.

It's required!