Monday, April 6, 2009

What I came home with

Birch run was a success.

I was not able to resist the Coach outlet and I bought my first ever Coach shoulder bag. None of that double-C-logo emblazoned stuff for me this time. Aside from the little Coach tag hanging from the strap, I don't think it's easily identified as a Coach bag. It's kelly green and has a flap and silver hardware and I ♥ it. No camera so no picture for you. I'll try to borrow S's camera and get a snap.

I also bought:
  • another suit. A brown one.
  • a pink shirt to go with my brown suit.
  • a board book on how to mix classic drinks. (Ha! Success with buying only ONE book!)
  • Pyrex bowls and a cast-iron skillet. (No wine rack or food processor, though.)
  • Yankee Candles - large jars of Rose of Morocco, Canary Island Banana, Mum, and Tea & Honey votives. (I'm not too sure about the banana - it may be too sweet. I'll keep you posted.)
I laughed a lot, swore at my aching feet, and tried to keep within my budget.

Oooh! Almost forgot: I bought Russ and Chewie Coach collars.

Spoiled much? Not our dogs.

EDIT: Per Penny's request - photos of the dogs. (The bag will have to wait until I get S's camera - I barely got the one of Russ with my POS camera.)

Russ in Coach.

Chewie in Coach.


penny said...

Even if you don't take a pic of anything else you bought, you MUST post pics of Russ and Chewie with their new collars!

OK, you must also post pic of the Coach bag.

I don't think I've ever seen an enameled cast-iron skillet before. I like it!

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Hey, the four legged beasties always need presents from a day of shopping. :)