Monday, May 11, 2009

Catch up...

Oh people.

What a crazy couple of weeks.

Graduation went very well. I'm glad I walked. (The pictures turned out horribly so I'm not sharing them. You're welcome.)

Work has been nuts so I'm VERY BEHIND in reading the blogs I enjoy. I've got 215 posts in my Google reader. 215!

I missed out on Badger's "Who Wants Some Crap?!" Giveaway. I am both bummed and grateful that I missed out. She had great crap to give away but I don't need any more! I am also inspired to maybe give away some stuff myself.

I've been sewing. Not a lot, but still. Sewing!

All of a sudden the trees have leaves. And the birds! Oh the birds.

And the sun!

Speaking of sun, Penny over at Miss Night Owl made me a suncatcher as a graduation present. I LURVE it and am planning a post about it.

Have been reading a ton but not sure I'm going to count the books in my 30 books of 2009. They're all those cheesy little romance books that you can storm through in an evening, and I've already read them. Some of them I've read several times. It's like watching a favorite movie over again.

Eurolush will be glad to know that I've slowed down on the DE Stevenson books. The Miss Buncle books are, so far, the best of I've found.

OK. All for now. It's Monday morning. I'm back in the office after working off-site all week last week. Catch-up has begun. And it pretty much sucks.

Hugs to you all! I've missed blogland.


eurolush said...

Welcome back! Congrats on the graduation! Thanks for slowing down on the D.E. Stevenson novels! Much appreciated!

What else?

Don't worry about your romance novels. I've been reading my collection of books from adolescence...reliving my awkward teenage years. Lots of Paula Danziger and Judy Blume. Haven't counted any toward my 2009 list. 'Cause I'm a reading bad-ass, folks.

penny said...

Glad to have you back - you've been missed!

I reread books all the time. It's like spending time with an old friend. Romance books are good when you are busy with life and work and just need something where you don't have to think, just distract yourself from reality.

Blogland is alawys here.

(My word is winess, I think that's a sign)

Wendy said...

So glad you walked!